Thank god I'm alive. Kicking? Nah. Tomorow maybe.

Miss me? Duh. Okay. I know I am nobody to be misses.

It's been seven days since my last post. One week. A new record. Nothing happen by the way. It's just me running my whole week without this awesome friend called "internet". And it's damn bored.

Now? The streamyx guys came this morning and in just a split second here I am writing my sixty second post for this blog. Exaggerating. It's a bit awkward you know to be back writing. I might have lost the skills.

Did you guys watch the AJL finale? Ok lame. Next topic.


Selfish is one word that really bothered me these whole day. I am quite a selfish guy for your information. I don't prefer someone walk into my life and start bla bla. Be it good or bad thing. They just really get on my nerves.

It's not that I rather be alone. I love making friends. I love hanging out with friends on the weekends. I don't mind bumping into a new faces, handshakes and start knowing each other, phone no changes and so on. No problem at all.

It's only happen on a few occasions. For example I'm selfish enough to give my seat to others in the full-packed bus. I hate letting my friends copy my assignment knowing that they'll get a highest score than me. And I too hate lending my friends some dollars when I got quite an amount in my wallet.

What? You aren't selfish? Really? Good to hear that.


nursarah said...

miss u like crazy, hahaha

sometimes we tend to be selfish. eventhough we dun like..

Jard The Great said...

missed u toooooo........ ahaha

Koyuki said...


Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

aku sgt murah hati kot
ayat standard
'xpe guna duit aku dulu'
tp serik gak bila org pinjam few hundreds xreti bayar

cik peah said...

damn miss ur writing lah. hahaha

kawie2020 said...

buat baik berpada-pada... not selfish..

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

we're just the same.
but it dpends on the circumstance.

get some rest dude!

hisham said...

salam bro..im missing u....huhuhu

shakinah said...

tak rindu pun kat kau.

eh lupa. kena puji ni! baru dapat tengok avatar2 free.


header lawa syiall!!

fuyooooooooooooo lagii!

gambar profile dah tukaa jadi ramerame!

hehe. ok seriyes header cun.

shakinah said...

eh. aku lupa nak komen entry yang ni.


tak jadi ah.
kau pun komen entry aku selalu takde kena mengena.


Judiene said...

i'm selfish too
if i have a ton of food and my friend have none
don't expect me to share with them
unless i already full and it's near the expired date

si blogger kerek said...

Fuck ah! blog ko best siot

{lumut} said...

org ajar aku..nak idup kene selfish..duuuhh

iyllienaz said...

aku mmg selfish wey..sorry la..

Dak Wan said...

Self less or sell fish? WTH fish has got to do with it?

Lady Dyla said...

Bullshit if sumbody say that he/she is not SELFISH...

Its a human nature bebeh.. deal with it..

♠♥♠ayudeadwish♠♥♠ said...

miss u lor~
mne pegi?

cam kek cekelat la jap ade jap tak~

~ narissa ~ said...

~ windu kat tulisan ko jeks..

zella said...

miss u writing so much....!!

i'm kinda selfish too... ;)

zella said...

miss u writing so much....!!

i'm kinda selfish too... ;)

ezzati said...

ko jual ikan ke? hehe

p/s: rindu la sikit2 je

Husna Hadzarami said...

cool la layout ko :)

larasephia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
larasephia said...

Hey, love the new header and stuffs on ur so called profile.


I couldn't help noticing a lil something on ur newly improvised profile.

"twenty five story building" .. now I know you're very much to "AmE" whilst I'm more to "BrE"..
(because I'll spell it as s.t.o.r.e.y) should blame my mommy.. she's so "Britishfussy" like. hehe :p

and yes, u're selfishly good.


ohhh! congrats for your re- acquaintance with Mr streamyx!

oh, that's just it. for now.

Daffodil D said...

tak salah jual ikan tapi jangan melampau. :D

azzaliena suziantie said...


azzaliena suziantie said...

sape selfish?????????

dila said...

its ok la to be selfish sometimes..u dont always have to sacrifice everything in order to be liked by the people around you..

Afyy (: said...

Pelik sial. Kenapa aku tk rindu kau pun?

AJ Nismihan said...

Glad to know you back to the field.
Bolok-bolok jugak, study kasi gempak.
Miss you?
maybe not, but i do keep coming here.every day.look for new f words from your keyboard.you call this with 'miss' word? err, i am not.it is 'out-of-box' for me.

stupid people do things without reasons.
stupid people (also) don't learn from their stupid mistake.
if you being selfish-good for your good reasons, then go on.i do, sometime.
but most of the time,i let the same mistake coming, again and again.it just to hard to say 'eh baghal,bila nak bayar nih?bukan berjuta pun pinjam!sial'.so,stupid?Yup,er no.'Maybe not smart enough' is better word.

h.a.n said...

i miss you damn so much oke

Cik Bumble bee said...

Sometime we need the wOrd selfish tO move on.


kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

we have to..
on certain situation..

kill me,i bet you did the same thing.hahahaah..

faiq said...

yes! im fish seller

shakinah said...

faiq bongok do.

Razman said...

selalunya babi dipersalahkan..harini ikan pula..tidak tahu mengapa..

Razman said...

selalunya babi dipersalahkan..harini ikan pula..tidak tahu mengapa..

f.a.r.a.h said...

sume org miss u. so, i takkan cakap la i miss u gak. haha!

anyway, i pon leh jadi selfish for some reasons. for example, if da lambat pegi kelas, i selfish la nak rebut parking spot ngn org. kire gak la kan? ;p

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

asal sume orang down down down nia rr..hurm lek la weh..

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

btw, ur new header, sux.

the old one better. hahaha berani nya aku

Fyzal said...

dude... sometimes we have to be selfish.. not because unnecessary self-interest but we have do it because we really really need it for ourselves.. do I right?

so happy weekend buddy.

zaheedaazeezol said...

rindu terubat.. ;D

MuHaMMaD86 said...


TQ for ur comment in my blog even i did not give any comment for ur blog...i'm busy...so sorry

i want ur YM address...can i?i'm curious to know who are u?...

letak dlm my blog klu sudi...ok

cikmemy said...

sape kte x rindu.huhu

selfish kene pade tempat takpe.tapi yg x kene pade tempat, bengang gak kadang2

fndrocka said...

hahaha i just dont like ur attitude

avid gunner said...

nah. i dont miss u. haha...but i do miss your curse!

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

yaaaa...I support you...hahaha..

keep on survive like those extreme survivors..

by d end of d day, its not the years in ur life dat counts..but its quality of life dat counts..


Ries Lee said...

pendek kate.
utamakan diri sendiri dulu drpd utamakan org len.

dewajiwa said...

miss lu dude. kinda.
your shoes's alike mine. i do feel you man. bright side, it's good to know we still have the angel heart on the demonic soul.

sayu=pilu said...

mis u...dam it

syue anak mustaffa said...

long story short, i like ur blog, so i kinda miss ur writing. Ngahah whatever.

nice topic, couldn't agree more

Jard The Great said...

hapdet pls... nk ikut mencarut kat blog neh =)

GhOsToNe said...

ak suke bg owg tua duduk kalo kusi penuh..

tp ak x suke bg owg laen copy asshnment n test!

MissA said...

selfish when it comes to food.. suka makan sorg2 je haha..
so ended up ajak ajak ayam je..

I hate letting my friends copy my assignment knowing that they'll get a highest score than me. And I too hate lending my friends some dollars when I got quite an amount in my wallet.<-- so like me..hehe..

Sizuka said...

kdekut ahh ko..tp dgn aku tak kan?
belanja la aku. tp jgn ckp kat org lainn tauu:D ahax

hans said...

miss ko juga weih
nasib ada masa lawat blog ko(budget aku artis top masa kini lah plak)

aku tgok AJL n AJL kali nih paling bagus
xsia2 belanja RM2 JUTA

pasal sellfish?
aku rasa dalam diri perlu ada sikap itu tetapi pandai2 balance kan...
jgn terlebih atau terkurang

seroja jingga said...

selfish? yes i am.

hey man,
im still not well..but still kickin ur ass down here.


kecik said...

kau ni cuti sah takde keje.

lain kali jangan cuti lama2.

welcome back.

fitriah said...

selfish? hmmm. sometimes perhaps. heh