Ok. It should be peace. I just love being different.

I do write my so call 'inspired' word here.


i'msosupernotcool said...


Sorry. But this one should be different.
There's a lot to share with you guys actually.
I just don't have that much time since I got a class at eight tomorrow and it's two fucking am already.
I'll catch up with you guys during the weekend hopefully.

You know one thing that make our life different/interesting/lame from the other is how we really live it.
How many of you waking up in the morning hoping that your day will be better than the previous one
but it ends up so miserably that you can't wait to end it right there.

Ok. I do.

Forget Tallahassee's "enjoy the little things" rule.
Big or small, good or bad, you yourself should know what to enjoy and what not to.

And stop whining. <----- Random.

Oh, don't bother yourself cutting classes just to watch Legion.
It's fucking boring.

Again. It's a nut up or shut up!


fitriah said...

goodnite :)

iyllienaz said...

hmm..dare to be different..serious ke lgion xbest??

nursarah said...

legion boring????????????????

joegrimjow said...


¶A.K.I¶ said...

olla dude~

zella said...

legion boring??
naseb baik xde hati nk tgk heheh

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

watch tooth fairy..hahaahaha...

how to be difrent..?is it when you made a damn-decision-where-your-parents-dont-even-know-at all..i mean, at all..none..!

gosh! Im sick..!

shax said...


laila said...

tp aku suka rule tu
enjoy the little things

Wanita Itu said...

u r different

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

lepas class aku g tgk legion. bajet cam best tapi fak laaaaaaaaaaaaa bohsan. apekejadahnye sang jibril berlawan dgn mikail arhghggg sheet!

AJ Nismihan said...

just let the entry empty. for me it is ok.
w e d o h a v e o u r r e a l l i f e t o o !
anyway, i will still keep on coming here i suppose :)
have a funking hot day man P)

cj'alhafiz said...

haha! lol...

my blog update;

my book blog: http://coffeecrackers.blogspot.com/

seroja jingga said...

i miss reading urs :(
dun have much time now
do take care man.

kawie2020 said...

yeah... i just proud to be myself..

peace yaa...:)

Wanie-san said...

legion??boring??leh caye ke ko ni...=p

Rowena Chasez said...

legion mmg boring!
ramai org ckp..
but i haven'y watch it..
i just wanna watch tooth fairy..

eytt..still stdy??

piNky LuCiA said...

kalau legion boring.. apa yng tak boring weyh... hehe

i'msosupernotcool said...

legion bored.. seriously..

MissA said...

tak faham..sbb sikit sgt haha..pastu baca komen kt atas2 tuh, bru faham..