See. I told you guys that blogging is one hell of a fucking seasonal shit. Now I guess everybody is busy with either instagramming or tweeting. You see how technology is killing our people by inside. The conspiracy?

They doing books now? What??

By the way, don't wait for my next post. It took me how many months to present to you this hell of masterpiece, so to come out with another, that might take me years.

That is to say, if and I say if we can find the right submarine-cum-ship to survive this coming apocalypse.

Till then, see you guys in Capetown.


h.a.n said...

hey you ! i miss you seriously !

Wanita Mutalib suka Share Instagram's Pictures said...

see you soon! ngeee

Qiez Medusa AR said...

I am neither instagramming or tweeting so I guess I'll see you soon?

aisya- said...

great masterpiece deserves it's right, right? keep writing, seriously.