Football's queen.

"I think this year it is going to be all about football." A friend told me that.

Yes. With the local Super League is still in progress, the European Championship is coming close and then the new season of English Premier League. Up next is the Olympic football ; GB is playing!! and last but not least the AFF Football Championship where our Harimau Malaya will battling their heart out to defend the title.

"Ah local football, is on the rises." I smile.

So I went back home a little early that evening, tuning into Astro Awani and...

Hmmm. This is the part where I will actually call myself a less-patriotic muthafucker.

I took a quick glance at the Nike plastic bag hanging on my wall. Confident enough that I am making the correct decision by letting go of my hundreds buck for this Les Blues kits than this kitty team playing shit on my 29 inches tv screen.

And that muthafucker I am. Forgive me lord.

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izzad bahruddin said...

it happen to me too.haha