The bigger you are, the cockier you will become.

The last time that I ride this hell of cable car is when I was a twelve years old comics junkies. That was during a school's trip for those who excelled in their UPSR exam. That was actually fourteen years ago. And although I can't precisely describe my feeling back then but I am pretty much sure that I was enjoying it.

After that it was only a conjugal visit. Either a late night trip to kill a boring weekend or to escape the heat of the sin city.

So at twenty six, when my siblings decided to have some kind of family days out up there in the cold, I decided to give it a go; yes, the cable car.

And one thing I can honestly concluded is that your courage, your happiness and your boldness is slowly killed as you were growing up.

Fucking period.


Pisey said...

We used to be excited to just every single tiny-winy moment yang kalau tengok sekarang, takda apa. Macam (aku) seronok tengok gula-gula kapas dulu, zaman muda. Dah tanak taip dan publish entri dah ke? It's been 2months. Who knows ko taip tapi buat draf je bertambun. Heheh.

amiraqramazizi said...

what the heck man. where the new entry?

balqissy said...

let's try bungee jumping! :P