Sex, dream and jeans #5.

To have your girlfriend or boyfriend created a goddamn blog just because you were some awesome blogger is for fuck sake the lamest thing to do, in the world. It was like that reality show guy old shit stories. You know, he become a phenomenon and that ex-fiance of him suddenly jumped into the industry.

So where is she now? Writing some stupid biography again? It's not working. Never.

Wait. You don't even know he blogged? About you? Your never-ending love story??

Good. Fuckin go kill yourself now.


| Larasephia | said...

this reminds me of Diana N#, the suddenly made famous ex of a once a terribly famous reality star who is now on the downfall of his career.

well at least both of em managed to earn some good shits of fame and wealth before their extinction! lucky assholes.

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

i have no idea what should i write/comment here..

but one thing u should know..

i heart this entry:)

makwe shawl said...

makwe shawl datang singgah nak cium cici.

Hellioz said...

its a tragedy

che'ila said...