We were right in front of the cinema for the midnight show, still arguing which movie we should watch. There were three movies available at that time; JB's Never Say Never, A Chinese Ghost Story and World Invansion : Battle of Los Angeles.

I already watch the alien-fight-human-for-water action two weeks ago so to put my foot there again will be a big NO and since I wasn't a big fan of chinese movie, I voted for the Bieber.

And off course, lose out.

So my problems with these chinese horror flicks were that they always put a beautiful hot chicks for the ghost role, too much martial artses and flashbacks is a must, especially when the hero is dying.

Ten minutes and two of my friends already left for the World Invansion. Great start mofo!!

One thing impressive however, was that I finished the movie with a boner; something that usually happens only when I heard Bieber's "baby.. baby.. baby.. uhhhh" on play.


| Larasephia | said...

Oh no.

Oh god.

Why mr cool, WHY?

J. Abdullah said...

you get a boner from biber's baby baby??

houston, we have a problem....

Amalina said...

i won't watch jb..hehe.btw, i think u shud watch where's got ghost, it a horror comedy chinese movie with is soo not typical chinese horror movie i ever watch.where's got ghost 2 will be out soon, watch!3x