The boat that rocked.

The stupidest part in one's life is when he already got this awesome-but-not-yet-watch movie in his external hard disk drive and after about half year wasting that one gigs on this awesome-but-not-yet-watch movie, he decided to call it off thus thrashes it to the bin.

Then suddenly, from a friend, he heard that it was an-awesome-but-not-yet-watch movie so he spent another hours downloading all the good shit he missed.

I was metaphoring.

You can off course replace that awesome-but-not-yet-watch movie with anything you have in mind. Girlfriend or maybe girlfriend or maybe girlfriend or whatever.

Suit yourself. Just don't fucked things up.


eszol raar said...

psycho stupid freak

Hellioz said...

i can see somebody need an attention up there


afiqsiddhartha said...

they'll come back running to us if we know how to sweet talk.