Just keep the L in those preferred word.

[this is a self-monologue entry]

Duh. It's V-day.

My girlfriend just asked me "How much do you love me today?" and i froze right there, not knowing what to answer. And by frozen I just missed my first kisses.

Don't worry. I am right. So just keep frozen.

Love for me is something subjective that you can't answer it by simply stating a quantity. Even if you managed to come up with one, it'll never satisfy those logic-minded who asked. A blue whale is nothing compare to two blue whales and two blue whales is one tiny pieces compare to the entire sea. And the list goes on pathetically.

And then there, across that packed road, I found this hot girl holding hand with this beast-face-guy. And I nodded it.

"Love is blind after all."

Fuck dude. Love is never blind like those old-and-odd-but-wise man says. It's us that are blinded by it. Love actually sees more than less. And because of it sees more attitudes, we refuse to see less. So humaniac.

No wonder this guy in front of me can't stop smiling.

The hell is going on with you? Love isn't all about smile, laugh or achieving a happily ever after ending. Love is more than that. Love too includes disappointment, broken heart and worst; death. Asks yourself what was the right reason Adam were sent to earth? What happened to Romeo when voicing his love to Juliet?

"I love my mom, my siblings, my friends and everybody around me that I prefer shared my happiness with them.."

"And I love you even with the fact that I can't stop myself from hurting you. Sorry."

So what's the point of fucking filling up my sunny-day in my washed out room to reason that I have no date for this fuckin V-day. I wanna go out. I wanna feel the world I'm living in. I can feel the love whispering me to come over. I wanna grab as much love as I can out there.

I will keep on walking. I will keep on looking. Keep on fighting. For me and just for err.. ME?


zella said...

why many people keep complaining that they're lonely,want to spread their love to someone,dont have any date or any fuckin' reason that they had in their mind??

get a life... valentine's day is just an ordinary day..

btw,if u are muslim..don't ever think to celebrate the day..

f.a.r.a.h said...

i love the words "Love actually sees more than less".

it's a gud thing for being single on V-day. :)

Wanita Itu said...

love is more than that..

hold onto it.. :)

green said...


Koyuki said...

tak pernah mahu kenal v day itu kejadah hapa

iyllienaz said...

do u love me??

hans said...

cinta itu tak boleh dilihat tapi boleh dirasa dan diperlihatkan
tapi bergantung pada sejauh mana seseorang itu menghargai cinta

Ribena said...

suka post ini. betul. ada manusia yang kata 'i love you' tak habis-habis, siang malam, tapi tak maksudkan pun.

seroja jingga said...

wud u like to be my velentine?

teasing u..

Husna Hadzarami said...

thumbs up!
entri yg sangat best :)

norfaridahanum said...

valentine itu cuma satu hari..

natra md.nor said...

Yeah dude! Keep walking.. U'll find what u're looking for eventually anyway.. :)

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

when you love someone, u pretend to see her like a princess even if everybody says that she is a bulldog.

zaheeda said...

as great as always..
i like..(^_^)

zaheeda said...

as great as always..
i like..(^_^)

Judiene said...

to me, Valentine is everyday
you fill your days with love and with those who take care of
cherish the love
you'll see what LOVE will do to you

chirol said...

i love u too..haha..baru leh masuk blog ko kat umah ni

Moon Death Spell said...

if i ask my bf use the same question.. he just said "i love u more then u love me"

i agree wif u.. love is to subjectif...
dan kita rasa sangat teruk bila kite tersepit

Ah Fatt said...

can we make a love mo objective?
i think we can
don't just say
but make actions
that can be measure right?

patungcendana said...

love is sometimes over-rated...erk.....

h.a.n said...

owh...da de awekkkkk
taley nk ngorat

humaira hadzarami said...

tp memang kesian kalau tgk pmpuan hot jln ngan ogre,
pastu laki hensem jln dgn pontianak.

ok, love is very subjective.

AJ Nismihan said...

love neither on your lips nor on your movement.
love need no big talker. if you is one; then be a politician. you can success there.
love need no human geologies too; it is lust rather than love.


"How much do you love me today?"

Insecure-ly Stupid.

I spends years just to realised i do love you; then you ask me for few more years just to know how much i love you; for today. Such a waste!

cant love being as simple as trust and honest?

if yes, then your question is obsolete by nature. Ignore.

{lumut} said...

kau dah ade awek?

HafizChan said...

Virgin Day!!!

Gosh, tak dapat kisses? hmm ruginya

bell nabila said...

ahaha...soo meaningful..
hope you find one someday..=)

Lady Dyla said...

Love... hard to define ekceli.. sumtimes we do hurt pipols but that does not mean we hate them.. sumtimes we do it because we love them dearly..

for me.. stop searching for love if u already have unconditional love surrounds u... love between man and woman will come naturally without even we noticing it..

ezzati said...

aku sambut di tepi pantai dengan family tercinta....syokkkk

MissA said...

betul..love is not blind..we are blinded by love..percaya sgt2 huhuh

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

Love again...duh!

feel free dude..chill out!

imHepPie said...

valentine tuh mende??besh ke

Jard The Great said...

u oredi got gf meh? ehehehe

Fyzal said...

yerp man.. somehow you right.. can't deny it. keep on walking dude..

MuHaMMaD86 said...

haram n dosa besar sambut valentine...harap2 kita org islam jgn bodoh utk meraikanya ok


i dont know what is the best word that can describe love

klu hati kata cinta n sayang...itulah cinta...it comes from our heart

GGK said...


$$$$$ <3 $$$$$$

pisey said...

ah.nice one you got here dude.like always.ayat2 kamu begitu mengujakan.

"For me and just for err.. ME?"

it's ME right? -blushing.

Dak Wan® said...

When I was born they raise me to be a fighter....
When I'm in school, I fight for my right a lot....
When I'm finished with school, I fight to survived...
at the end I'm in Jail because of a fight.

So just fight till you can't fight no more, than in the end you will realised that you are fighting against your own self the whole time!

p/s : Don't take a lot of a time fighting, when the time could be spent loving... k?