Emptiness that bond.

An empty space somehow being ignored by us for some reason.
or avoided, on certain occasion.

Empty corner without eye-candy vase of flowers. empty Sunday without anything (meaningful) to do. a jar of loneliness without filling of attention. an empty heart without tender from someone special. or empty view of friendship portrait on the table of ignorance. auch. get the idea?

it's about the unused moment or space in our life.

I'm not surely know why but maybe the definition of empty mean so lame or sucks for somebody. but not for me nowadays. went through series of rough life plot for being nobody, I come to know that whether it's a physical space or emotion metaphor of spaces in our life, an empty space between something or some situation actually served a purpose on our twenty-four-seven life routine. for me, an empty space or distance is a some form of solution to embrace a situation that usually healed by (or related with) time. I tend to blame this part before and always thought that any empty or unused time or spaces is a wasted moment in my not so optimized life. but living a life filled with blames is such a pathetic life i can see. i try not to live that way. try OK?

An empty space in our room sometime balanced the crowded layout or loosen a tight perspective. an empty space between two heart sometimes heal any hurts - with the help of time. a given empty space between guilt or despair can bond the crack of feeling. or tie the loosen relation knots. or simply glued the gap of separated feeling caused by confused mind. sound simple?

Well, it is though. some even naturally done.

Talk about empty space in terms of feeling, surely all of us had experienced the feeling of missing something, or someone. missing something we used to hate or like. or lost in sense of feeling when not seeing, doing or what ever nature we used to before. and it come to no surprise when actually that very feeling is ignited by the empty space or distance we spared or went through. as a matter of fact: we ought to missed a subject when there's a distance in time or space existed.

When everything started went awry or no longer taste sweet, that space is where the air we need are at. the familiarity, the boring everyday-i-see-your-faken-face feeling can create some tense or negativity. the easily expected word, text or action executed can make the sweetness of a relationship, routine or nature turn sour if not dull. give it a break. let some distance flow in between to spark again the like-new feeling. people tend to appreciate us more when we no longer around or being away for some times or distance. no, i'm not talking about start doing it (creating a space or distance) but we should appreciate any space existed during any moment of life (love, friendship. etc). it's existed for a reason. appreciate it. it's like a chance to be grabbed and filled wisely (with something not related maybe?). carpe diem.

That is very why i'm now appreciated any empty space. for fate sake surely dude.

By the way, pardon my absence. i'm out of town lately so i can't post any update. anybody..aa, like missing me or something? heh. iggy that part. I just filling some space between us with some bonding attempt. does it work?


joegrimjow said...

not working

norfaridahanum said...

i had wrinkles on my forehead and my eyebrows turned to be an eyebrow while reading this "deep" thoughts..i guess it works.SNAP!

p/s:the Sunday refers to last Sunday kah? =p

hellioz said...

not working because
3 musketeer are running this blog

but all those twisted literature make sense.

Jard The Great said...

hi dewajiwa.. me missing mr supernotcool.. where is he?

~ nuriel narissa nisreen ~ said...

~ wei..me missing u so much la beb..!! adddeeii..tunggu gaks tulisan ko a few weeks nih..tp tadek..agak mengechiwakan la..mane lu pegi..??

i am mai said...

why dismiss someone who writes beautifully?

emptiness is not a form of loneliness, nor a break from people that we can care about. it ain't to be appreciated at all.

emptiness is an absence of feelings. it pains us. it numbs us.

i'm being irrelevant here. *reads whole post*. so you're saying that when you feel empty, create a empty space.

i like your writings btw.

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

I miss the loneliness part in my heart.

Look for it everywhere tho.

btw, same question as Jard.

Where's Mr. i'msosupernotcool?

I love your writing as well~


h.a.n said...

empty mind :p

Fyzal said...

hahaha.. it works man! LOL..

sometimes empty is what we need.. a moment for ourselves and to love ourselves..

happy weekend dude.

{lumut} said...

experienced the feeling of missing something, or someone.


zella said...

i miss u lol!!

i think...emptiness is kinda suck but it is also a moment for ourselves.... to relax and to think...

be happy!

Judiene said...

i believe in emptiness of our heart is a time for us to try know ourselves better before it filled with LOVE
u think why i named my blog EMPTYSOUL??

uhh btw,
where's Mr.i'msosupernotcool??

Koyuki said...


seroja jingga said...

fuck! this is so true!

i start misin u already :P

hisham said...

salam bro...ko p mane?..jln2 x ajak..

hans said...

tak miss sangat la

nuwa said...

perghhh, entri lu panjang gile, bahase omputih plak tu, ni kene bagi aku mase utk bace, haha!

pencubit said...

ah,.dem i miss 'you'.

¶A.K.I¶ said...

can't get it.. its quite long for a new author for this blog~ hihih

Anonymous said...


ily said...

"empty view of friendship portrait on the table of ignorance" huh? that sounds so true

pisey said...

i miss the 'missing' somewhere in the middle mahupun di depan atau di ending of the parts in life.

so im clueless wheteher im empty or not inside out.heh.

well written dude;)

ezzati said...

rindu2 (ikhlas)

dewajiwa said...

okeh. i get it. no more attempt. heh.

glad if it's working. i have no intention to twist it that deep. maybe there's a part that so unite with you? btw, gud guess. yes. last sunday kinda related with this. hehe.

i know, but there a reason for it. keep coming for the result wheter it's good or otherwise. thanks for the compliments.
Jard The Great,
hi my-fellow-author=) he's still and always around. still catching up with the new pace of his student life and everything in between. at the time this entry posted, that guy still at his hometown.

nuriel narissa nisreen,
haha. already missing me? thanks. sorilah lambat. nak juggle 2 life kadang2 boleh tahan juga nak tune kepala selalu=)

i am mai,
may me know which one of us do you point the 1st question? that guy is still around. we are here not to replace him. or do u mean the audience are like dismissing us?

at your points, i agreed. it's still related as the topic here is quite rhetoric i can say. some good angle, we feel differently as we're living different path of life. err..nope. i'm not saying when you feel empty, we should create an empty space. but as written above, we should not blame or left any space in our life behind just bcoz it's show no benefit to us. it does serve a purpose in a way we can't understand it instantly or until the time is right. thanks for the Like This yah.

dewajiwa said...


Lady Dyla said...

supernotcool ni mmg tak cool la... menghilang lama bonaran.. kim slm maut sama dia..

Anonymous said...

It worked. and these (cheesy) lines of words did wonders to me,somehow. haha. spare my soul and write more? oh! and please accept my virtual standing ovation to u.


kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

my life used to be lonely couple of months ago..and continuosly...agaian and again..