The Supertramp guy.

"I read somewhere... how important it is in life is not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong." - Chris McCandless.

Thing that I afraid the most in my life is to disappoint those who were closely related to me. Those who were with me during my ups and downs. Those who hope that I can at least lend them a hand when they were in need of one.

Most and most of the time, I failed. And disappointment it is.

Sometime I got this thought of leaving gunning through my head. You know like pack up all my things, buy myself a ticket to north (or maybe south) and then gone. With neither goodbye kisses nor 'have a safe trip' cards.

Leaving behind, everyone and everything that I once face. And then start a new life. On my own and all alone.

Ah alone, one thing I guess I never will be good at.


Judiene said...

Being alone is suck!
I'm sure you don't wanna go there.

J. Abdullah said...

I was so independent and always felt awesome before I had a special someone.

Then I had a special someone.

Then it didn't work out.

Then I felt the world shattered cos I was alone. And lonely.

Yeah, I guess I feel you.