Devouring the indifferent.

That night, when the lady threw the glasses away on to the floor, telling the world how un-class we are compared to them, I thought it was really really immoral. From her so called classy people, I expected a good if not a better behavior.

But I had to admit, since the first day that I got myself here, the only thing lacking between us is always class.

Here, we tend to think with our fist first then with our heads. We have our meal next to a garbage placement, behind those pub where transsexual was never a different. We even shared our tables with them. Always, we made a brag about a girl ass. We live the nights more than the days. We had an argument of an unimportant thing.

We kicked each each others butts and feelings.

I got lots of picture in my hard drive which I won't bother sharing. From a birthday celebrations to a farewell party to the recent Aidilfitri's open house. Most of them taken by our drunken photographer. He is Indian and he nearly burnt his upper lip trying to light up one of the candles with his mouth.

Yeah, we too enjoy a birthday party with cakes and candles.

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