You just don't know what I made of : None.

I got one unfinished post stored in my draft. Entitled 'You just don't know what I made of.' and created about a month ago. I spend an hour thinking what was it actually about. Unfortunately, nothing comes out.

You know, in life, there's a time when you felt like the whole universe were against you. When everything you do seem like a crime to others. A single scratch on the door could create such noise that every eyes will stare you to death. Fuck.

I never condemned others who've made mistake during their previous day. Because I was too afraid of being one. Someday.

Yeah. I might not a-selfish-backstabber-type-of-friend today, but in three years time, when my boss decided that it is more appropriated to kick my closest friend out of the team so that the team can perform even better; engineered a better future for my family, I can't promised you I won't. Sorry.

Or I might now enjoying my time of being the sweet and cute nerdy guy in class, waiting for some random girl called and informing me that I have just knocked her up.

Dope. Who knows.

Forget about preparing those umbrella shit. What you need then is you and yourself. Because after all, it's your own fucking world.


YobSumo said...

haha. so true.

hurting others are necessary when it's needed. have to be selfish sometimes, someday right ;P

sastraboy said...

we will never know the future ahead. haha.

Fyzal said...

hey man . how do u do. it has been a while since my last visit here.

yerp man.. after all, it's our own fucking world. people just don't give a shit. in this world today, people kick other people's ass for many reasons. selfishness is one of them. damn fuck!

| Larasephia | said...


there's one thing Mom never fail to remind me .

- Dont cross the bridge until you come to it

Its our sweet fucking life anyway.

FzaIbrahim said...

very true.
1 bad thing u did will wash all the good things u've done.
and yeah,
it's hard to predict things.

but who cares?
at the end, u will just live in ur own world. alone. damn.

LUMUT said...

Forget about preparing those umbrella shit. What you need then is you and yourself. Because after all, it's your own fucking world.


everyone love to be denial.

Judiene said...

and like always, you were talented

h.a.n said...

hey you , i miss you

dish said...

everybody likes the joy of hallucinating nice things.

i'msosupernotcool said...

YobSumo: yeah. and i wonder if i can.

sastraboy: i'm predicting mine. lets just see if i got it right.

Fyzal: im ok dude. bz with final exam. didnt quite enjoying life as it is, now.

larasephia: as sweet as you are, babe.

Fzha: indeed.

i'msosupernotcool said...

LUMUT: denial? yeah. i live one.

Judiene: haha. i shud go out and write some book now.

h.a.n: hey there. been quite bz lately.

dish: arent you enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnndddd some think friends are EVERYTHING.

when you're in trouble, they pretend like they care man. news flash; they don't. most of them at least. a few who do, they can sympathize at most. hell. not like they fit in your shoes, if you know what i mean.

i believe i'm not a bad friend, but i don't think i'd die for a friend either.

i'msosupernotcool said...

heh. i dont see myself doing that too.