Hello October.

I just figured out the best time to chat with friends is during a heavy rain in a very late Monday night. Outside and with neither football fans nor mamaks around.

Few days back, I bumped into this tweets by some friend wondering what will their life be when both their parent gone/death. I smiled. Seventeen years of watching a single mother struggled hard to raise her six children came to view.

This morning, I talk of something that I rarely share to others. Something that even my housemates won't even care to ask about. Or maybe I am too secretive to tell them about.

My late father.

Believe me, dude. You wouldn't want that day to come.


fitriah said...

my late mother. :)

| Larasephia | said...

yeah, at times I prayed my time would come before theirs. couldnt imagine what my life would be without both.

rainy weather would made we go all mellow..and thats not a bad thing at all...

Whothefuckami? said...

Yeah dulu pun aku mmg tk cakap kt sape sape pun psl ayah aku. Even dkt bestfriends aku. Maybe sebab aku rasa mcm saiko je kalau entah tiba-tiba pergi cerita kt dorang.

sastraboy said...


apesal lu cakap pasal bapak!

agh agh agh!!!

LUMUT said...

semestinya arwah ayah kamu akan berbangga dengan ibu kamu...

hye october.

Anonymous said...

sometimes, we need no reason to share the story with someone.
simply no reason.
and the chest feel released.

ok, i continue.

and the chest feel released.
before you notice
"ah shit! wish every story closed here dude"
*and the table-mate smile*

i do have secret too.
a pure secret.
and it is remained.
if, not, then i should call it open secret instead of secret rite?

dont get me?

being a blog-less-blogger for close to a month make me a bit shaky.
so, do excuse me dude.

you do excuse charmakh for his mis-opurtunity, sure you can do it for me too rite?

from my reading, this is second entry mentioning your Late Dad.
first was your second/first entry here.
or, do i overlook the rest?
sorry then.
Al-Fatihah for him then.

deus X machina said...

hye october
hye alex
hye drogba

keh keh keh

p/s- al fatihah for your late father

Anonymous said...


shakinah said...

Otomatik aku senyap.

i'msosupernotcool said...

god bless her. :)

u at least got a time to pray.
i dont have mine.

aku pon rasa macam tuh.
fani juga bila ada keluar statement mcm
"kau xpernah cerita pon?".

aku cakap pasal aku lah.
pasal aku bercerita.
tentang ayah.

i'msosupernotcool said...

he left a magnificient woman with us.

i never thought dat it'll be a blast-out.

secret for some extent,
should always be a secret.

chamakh really dissapoint me, dude.
but no problem.
we'll take one trophy the least this season.
u still YNWA dont u?
after all dat miserable start.

see, how can i'm not missin u?

political revenge!!

i'msosupernotcool said...

J. Abdullah:

terusik hati la tu kan?

Anonymous said...

when chelsea bought by Abrahamovic, should i be a chelski fan? No.
when mancity bought by syeikh, should i be a mancity fan? No.
when barcelona, then inter turn to be treble winner, should i be their fan too? No.

cause i not a surfer who follow the wave.
i simply a very young boy who read the 'kung fu' book, and trust one day he will be the kung fu master in the book too!
no matter what,he will stand still.

and i will never walk alone.
relegation battle pun layan jer lah.
gona wear my very first Reds jersey in my life soon.
so soon.

avid gunner said...

kudos to your mom

i'msosupernotcool said...

still YNWA.
gud luck with dat.

and no i dont think they will relegate.
but big 4 seems hard to achieve.
it'll take times.

kudos to her.

h.a.n said...

nak pinjam bahu bole ?


i'msosupernotcool said...

i wish i can babe.

h.a.n said...

thanks :')

sastraboy said...

haha, itulah dia. masa lu tulis benda ni, gua tengah konflik. haha. tapi admit aa, lu dah tolong konflik ni berakhir. haha.

jangan hot dulu, haha. (: