What you dont kills, makes you stronger.

There were some quotes that I honestly believed was worthy of adjustment. Life for example, is never about giving a fuck of those thing that trying to keep you down, it should be more about not shutting out of whatever weakness/mistakes that you own/make and used it to fucking live a life.

Remeber when your teacher ask you how to safely cross a river with a tiger, sheep and some sort of grass I cant remember. What is your answer? Fucking travel with the tiger first, comeback with sheep and blah.. Blah.. Blah. Yes, we were taught to find a correct solution for a problem. In school, unversity or even in the community. And in order to find that one correct answer, we often neglecting the basic rules in celebrating ones life, namely; 

"It's my fucking life, I just do what I fucking want."

Oh I got this one song playing in my mind for like a day and a half already. It's Alanis Morissette's Hand in My Pocket from her 1995 Jagged Little Pill album. 

Unless you prefer big rounded asses, shiny cars and Suamiku Sotong Shit's novel, you will love these song. 

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