No it wasn't that sexual position that flash in that wild brain of yours when you read the headline. It also didn't related to the one of the so called tarnishing the religion of Islam 2010 video that'd been on every inch of social media since the start of this week.

It was us. Being dog. Dogged. Doggy. 

Whatever the case is, we have to admit that one thing we can't never take-out from a human being is the pain that one will suffer of being pure at heart. The fear that our either understanding will cost us a, well, recognition from the people around. This then lead to an 'ignorance' or 'purposely invented ignorance' of which we hid ourselves and our fear at the back of it.

Or simply put as 'freedom of speech is dead'.

At least, here on my facebook wall.


Yuki Casablancas said...

i don't do facebook man...



amiraqramazizi said...

asal lame tak update bro

si blogger kerek said...

Where hv u been? Halllooo ko punya entri, vitamin aku... Just one word will do.