Solidarity is shit.

It was a mess from the very start. Worst than any alien's invasion you watch on the big screen.

The fact that we were fighting against a crowd of people whom we shared both color and believe is hell of a problem. You can't go there opening fire and splasing bloods with the world watching. No you can't sit yours and their asses off in a table talk with a cup of tea at both end.

They were lots of talks in the social and mass media. Talks about why wait for a compromisation when already there were casualties on our side. Talks about the sovereignty that have been threatened and of sending a special trained forces to settle the draw.

It was easier said than done, really.

Yes, you can just drop a bomb and turn the whole city into a no mans land. Then create a cover up stories that it was an invasion by an outer space creature, say a left over from the space ship that wrecked the Russian's meteorites before it hit the ground, if this was a movie. Sadly, it was not.

And the damages is already done.

What you don't want now is the same shit repeating itself in the future. Another dissatisfaction, disagreement or maybe revenge. You dont want that to happen again.

So whatever the solutions is, it must be thorough. Clear and fair for both contigent and continent.

Because after all it was not their shoulder that burdened the responsibilities. It was not their hand that'll soak with blood later and it was not even their right that was denied.

Solidarity is shit, it goes for both side.


h.a.n said...

hurmmmm :'(

amiraqramazizi said...

keep on writing. old friend will always come back. see new stuff to read. hail FTSNC