One in the Chamber.

One thing you need to learn about married men is that they occasionally look attractive than a young single man. That of course with their belly size, facial hair growth rate and on what age level they were, taken into consideration.

On another term, you also need to understand that this kind of people, they don't gave a fuck with anything that spelled complex. They won't give a fuck of your swine little asses that required a whole bag of KY at every time they need to work it out. They'll go for the simplest. A blowjob.

Imma telling you why. Because life is full of shit. You were not born with it but you'll either live or die with it.

Good thing being human is, you were at least, at some point of your life were given the chance to decide. You can go on dreaming about being a pimp or you can start recruiting some college girls right away. You can talk shit about being good to people or be good to people.

Whichever your decision is, you'll die, anyway.

Me? I just got a mortal request granted by the dragon king, I'll be laughing at your funeral. I'll get lap dance in room filled with your dead picture. Suited up and eyes wide open.